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Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Winnum CNC - innovative Industry 4.0 solution for remote CNC machine monitoring and predictive maintenance. Winnum CNC reduces equipment downtime, improves effectiveness and provides fast commissioning and low cost of ownership.

Winnum CNC boost factory productivity and increasing CNC machine utilization by:

Winnum CNC cover not only CNC machines, any production equipment with controllers (compressors, lighting, fiber placement systems, etc.) could be connected to singe smart system which provides centralized monitoring and service management.

Independence of Human Factor

Winnum CNC provides fully automated machine data collection through direct communication with CNC control. Resulting true data highlight machine’s real status and are used by manufacturing engineers for real-time control and proactive actions. Winnum supports all types of CNC controls, including: SIEMENS SINUMERIK, HEIDENHAIN, FANUC, WinMax (Hurco), Balt-System, Mitsubishi, HAAS, etc. Collected data are ready to use for wide range of operations - finance reports, spare part purchasing, quality control, maintenance support.

Fast Commissioning

Winnum CNC uses built-in communication capabilities of CNC machine (Ethernet, RS-232, etc.), does not require additional hardware and/or software to be installed on CNC control which fully corresponds with manufacturer's warranty.

Winnum CNC unique connectivity features provides extremely fast commissioning – for 100 machines it takes less than 1 week. After this week stakeholders will get full range of data that previously were unavailable (e.g. production bottlenecks, causes of accidents, errors and alarms, operation parameters, process deviations, etc.).

Security and Big Data Protection

Winnum CNC technology provides complex data protection through robust encryption algorithms widely used in aerospace and defense industries. The product includes own data encryption features and supports external plug-and-play encryption software. Software does not affect system performance that remains excellent.

Predictive Maintenance

There are number of tools to see problems before they appear, such as diagnostic program editor, signal history analyzer, notification manager, maintenance dashboard. For example, diagnostic program editor used for predictive maintenance in automatic or manual mode. At the same time editor is easy to use by service engineers.

Big Data Analytics

Winnum CNC performs tasks with unlimited timeframe and amount of data. Signal history investigation and potential failure identification could be done extremely fast, for example 5 billion records - less than 1 minute. Additionally user can create notifications (UI, email, SMS) for all signals depending on their values.

Reports and Charts

User creates reports within any timeframe. Report creation process follows company organization structure - reports could cover company overall, production and shop floors with any combination of them. Accurate results are provided with excellent performance. Reports could be customized with Winnum SDK.

NC Program Management

Winnum CNC includes powerful tools for NC programs including file and folder management, version control, change management and uploading to machine. With Winnum CNC, operators can easily run the program directly from server. This functionality streamlines the process and eliminate unauthorized program changes.

Benefits and Advantages

Winnum CNC reduces equipment downtime, improves effectiveness and provides fast commissioning and low cost of ownership. Main benefits and advantages of using Winnum CNC solution: