Winnum Platform
Products / Industrial Internet of Things Platform

Winnum Platform makes product smarter, more effective, relevant and competitive.

Winnum Platform™ is a core middleware that provides a complete set of functionality for configuring, monitoring, diagnostics and managing real products connection, including an end-to-end applicationmodeling environment designed to help easily build the unique applications of todays connected world.

Connectivity with Any Products

Winnum Platform provides the highest technology level to collaborate with products including monitoring product status, environment and operation parameters. Winnum Platform enables users to connect, create, analyze and experience products in new ways.

With Winnum Platform, users can build systems that can work and interact with devices and systems autonomously. Communication setup does not require any programming skills - users can quickly create new product templates and define signals of any type. Any product changes can be easily implemented in Winnum Platform in future with versions and iterations control.

Competitive Strength

Smart products connected to each other and exchanging data with customer or manufacturer offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability, much higher product utilization, and capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries. Winnum Platform realizes opportunities for new business models including “Product-As-A-Service” (PAAS) model, which makes it possible to enter new markets and provide highest level of service to customers. That is smart products alter industry structure and the nature of competition.

New Services and Opportunities

Using Winnum Platform unique tools manufacturers and service providers companies are able to develop new services for themselves and their customers. These services are focused on product operation in order to provide new great opportunities for all groups of users on the base of new information and data that were unavailable earlier.

Smart services amplify the capabilities and value of the physical products, while connectivity amplifies the capabilities and value of the smart services, enables some of them to exist outside the physical product itself and provides ability to optimize product operation.

Integration with Business Systems

Winnum Platform makes real-time data available to existing business systems, without needing to repair and replace them, and provides a standard framework for rapidly creating integrations that are reusable across deployments and speeds user application development.

The amount and type of information produced by Winnum Platform will force companies to rethink how they collect and analyze information - decision-makers and other personnel need to learn and adapt to a new form of data intelligence.

Winnum Platform technology provides great performance when working with big data and creates reports and packages to other corporate systems for any periods.

Benefits and Advantages

Winnum provides a complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment for remote monitoring, diagnostic and optimization of products and maintenance processes with ready to use industry specific solutions and development tools. Winnum reduces the time, cost, and risks related to building innovative applications and services, including realization of “Product-as-a-Service” business model.

Main benefits and advantages: