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Bee Pitron is a leading Russian research, manufacturing, and engineering company. It was established in 1992 to introduce the most advanced world class technologies to the national industry.

The company began its operations implementing 3D CAD/CAM systems. Then Bee Pitron mastered electrical components design and manufacturing for complicated products using state-of-the-art local and international solutions.

Bee Pitron has implemented a lot of projects, both large and small. We have gained experience with product deployment; we have learned the national market needs, and established cooperation with leading global vendors. For this reason we are able to perform comprehensive design and engineering automation tasks, and to implement most complicated industrial modernization projects.

Partner Programs: Authorized Reseller, Maintenance Provider

Stankoprom JSC unites the remaining public industrial, scientific, tool-making and commercial organizations of the industry. At the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and of the State Corporation Rostec, the leading Russian machine-tool enterprises, located in eight regions of Russia, have been consolidated.

The key task of Stankoprom is to qualitatively change the approach to technological re-equipment of Russian enterprises: from local replacement of machinery to comprehensive technological re-equipment. That is why Stankoprom is the key element in the modernization of the entire Russian industry.

Partner Programs: Authorized Reseller, Manufacturing Partner

The STAN Company is a biggest machine-tool builder in Russia. The company consists of five major machine-tool plants: Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Building Works, Sterlitomak Machine Tool Enterprise, Grinding Machines Plant, Kolomna Heavy Machine Tool Building Plant and Ryazan Machine Tool Works.

Company Mission:

  • Secure the production of the whole range of machines and their systems
  • Successfully compete with the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Refocus priorities from the supply of machines to the integrated solutions to the customer’s process-related issues
Partner Programs: Manufacturing Partner

CHERGOS - Russia's leading manufacturer in the field of electronic traction converters for synchronous, asynchronous motors and DC motors control for transport industry, shipbuilding, communications, and general engineering. According to its functional characteristics CHERGOS control systems are one of the most popular in Russia. The company operates both on the domestic and European market, successfully competing with the world's leading manufacturers of electronics and control systems for transport.

CHERGOS control systems also have built-in innovative features for remote monitoring and diagnostics, based on Winnum technologies, and are able to provide high quality of service indicators for the passengers and the operating efficiency of operation of rolling stock.

Partner Programs: Manufacturing Partner

IT Solutions company is a complex architectures developer and provider of automation business solutions in various sectors of economy.

IT Solutions provides services to build IT infrastructure ensuring high output, scalability, reliable and efficient operation, key working directions include:

  • Business automation systems
  • Data warehousing and processing centers
  • Internet of Things
  • Data exchange networks
  • Utilities systems
Partner Programs: Authorized Reseller, Maintenance Provider