Over the next five years, Gartner predicts 26 billion connected products (not counting phones, tablets, and PCs) resulting in $1.9 trillion in global economic value"...




McKinsey Global Institute predicts the IoT will generate as much as $6.2 trillion in global economic value over the next ten years. That’s about ten times as much economic value as will be created by 3D printing, another transformative trend"...


Powering the Industrial Internet of Things

Winnum™ is a leading software platform designed for the needs of the Industrial Internet of Things and the connected world - a world of connected products, devices and sensors.

Winnum provides a complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment for remote monitoring, diagnostic and optimization of products and maintenance processes with ready to use industry specific solutions and development tools. Winnum reduces the time, cost, and risks related to building innovative applications and services, including realization of “Product-as-a-Service” business model.

Winnum is an innovative Industrial Internet of Things platform that brings together a set of features, functions and technologies specifically designed to address the challenges of today’s increasingly connected world:

  • Big data analytics with machine learning functions and extreamly fast mathematics
  • Flexible connectivity options with public and private secure runtime NoSQL data cloud based storage
  • Rapid creation of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) with kinematic behavior of physical objects
  • Ready to use industry solutions and opened software development kit (SDK)

Winnum was designed specifically to meet unique needs of Industrial Internal of Things smart connected world.

Winnum™ is a leading software platform designed for the needs of the Industrial Internet of Things

Connectivity With Any Products

Winnum provides the highest technology level to collaborate with products including monitoring product status, environment and operation parameters. Winnum enables users to connect, create, analyze and experience products in new ways, for example, build systems that can work and interact with devices and systems autonomously.

Communication setup does not require any programming skills – users can quickly create new product templates and define signals of any type. Any product changes can be easily implemented because of versions and iterations control.

Smart products connected to each other and exchanging data with customer or manufacturer offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability, much higher product utilization, and capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries.

Winnum realizes opportunities for new business models including “Product-As-A-Service” (PAAS) model which makes it possible to enter new markets and provide highest level of service to customers. That is smart products alter industry structure and the nature of competition.

Winnum provides the highest technology level to collaborate with any products

Remote Diagnostics and Failures Searches

Winnum consists of ready to use solutions and tools for big product data acquisition within unlimited period of time (with high performance) and performing diagnostics and maintenance services based on this data. Winnum solutions help to perform whole maintenance tasks even if network connecting is weak and unstable. Such technics and solutions brings additional benefits to those who does not have trustworthy product data before (R&D, services, finance, IT and etc). By having such data, people are able to perform remote diagnostic tasks and failures searches, and consequently make right decisions, improve after sales service and their products.

Winnum features and functions makes it possible to create and configure signals for remote diagnostics, perform failure search, increase product portability and improve product self-learning.

Winnum helps to perform many maintenance related tasks in advance (before something happens) and remotely (for example firmware upgrade, parameters correction, run tests, etc.).

In order to perform remote diagnostic Winnum collects only data that is required for preventive and(-or) on-time product maintenance, spare parts purchasing, to perform tasks in other emergency action systems, etc. In order to do this Winnum stores and analyzes long-term data (week, month, quarter, and year). Because of algorithms and long-term data change analysis Winnum is able see which product component will fail soon and what consequences of this failure, what and when needs to be checked or fixed and how long component be in use.

Winnum упрощает подключение изделий и использование данных, получаемых от их датчиков

Securuty and Big Data Protection

Winnum technology provides complex data protection through robust encryption algorithms widely used in aerospace and defense industries. The product includes own data encryption features and supports external plug-and-play encryption software. Software does not affect system performance that remains excellent.

To interact with products, devices and sensors as well as machine-to-cloud iterations Winnum has own secure lightweight protocol. Protocol has device-ID-key, and security labels. Device-ID key helps to identify product. Security label helps to encrypt data.

All users are working through a Web browser over a secure HTTPS connection. After connection is established and user successfully authorized role-based object access policy will control data access process. Roles are applied to the entire system object hierarchy. Each user can have an unlimited number of different roles.

Winnum has multi-language support, capable to handle multi-time zones and connect to corporate LDAP servers.

Securuty and Big Data Protection

Ready to Use Industry Solutions

Winnum offers list of out-of-the-box solutions for different industries and markets:

  • Winnum CNC - Automated true data collection and remote diagnostics of CNC machines with all known CNC systems support including SIEMENS SINUMERIK, HEIDENHAIN, FANUC, WINMAX (HURCO), BALT-SYSTEM, Mitsubishi, etc.
  • Winnum ICE - Optimization and control of industrial equipment operation and services, creating new functions and expanding existing ones, making new services for customers.
  • Winnum EIC - Monitoring and managing parameters and data received from the various sources of potential danger, predicting emergencies (time and scale), analysis of different scenarios and actions which has to be made in order to prevent emergencies.
  • Winnum ITS - Remote monitoring, control and diagnostics of transportation system in order to improve passenger services, reduce vehicle downtime and optimize vehicle service.
  • Winnum TMC - Remote patient monitoring of people with chronic or long-term conditions, tracking patient medication orders and the location of patients and patients' wearable devices.
  • Winnum FMT - Remote monitoring sensors that can detect soil moisture, crop growth and livestock feed levels, management and control of harvesters and irrigation equipment, quickly analyze data combined with 3rd party information, such as weather services.

Each solution provided automated remote data acquisition, failure searches, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Winnum offers list of out-of-the-box solutions for different industries and markets